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Auto-backup – Real Time, Tagging

Real Time mode: Every time a file is created or modified within your selected folders, then your backup will be automatically updated with it as the change occurs (in real time). This is a one way sync so you can be sure that your backup is constantly protected and up to date.

This negates the need for and is vastly superior to Scheduled backups, because your backup will always be up to date and not just every so often when your files can change a lot in the meantime.

Tagging mode: A tag will be saved on a portable form of storage, and once set, every time you connect this storage to your PC, Data Safe will automatically recognize it and your backup will be updated.
One Time Backup: This feature is just a manual backup which is set up and carried out when the user determines. However it still makes use of the features below.

Makes your life easier

Multiple source folders can be used in a single backup, negating the need for more than one backup job running at one time
Will run on multiple computers backing up to the same location.
Keeps original directory structure so you know exactly where to find your files within the backup.
NO proprietary compression format – You can access anything in your backup without Data Safe.
Autonomous and quiet running: Once it’s set, you don’t need to worry about it. Data Safe will start with windows and minimize to the system tray so it doesn’t interfere.
Processes source files upon startup ensuring that your backup is always up to date.

Safeguards Your Data

Crash Safe guards: If Data Safe unexpectedly closes or the computer shuts down in the middle of a transfer, the progress of your backup will not be affected. This also means that you won’t need to worry about shutting down your PC in the middle of a backup as Data Safe will just carry on copying the folder it was previously when it starts up again.
Go back in time for all your files. Data Safe creates a new iteration of a file when it is changed but keeps the old versions with their modification date in the title. This way, if you want to go back to an old revision, Data Safe has kept them all for you!

There is also a feature to clean up your backup and keep only the newest iterations.

Intelligent Error correction: Data Safe will identify any errors and automatically select the best solution to take based upon the problem at hand. It will adapt to your style of workflow on your PC keeping everything up to date intelligently so you don’t have to worry!


Multi-threaded file transfer allows for more efficient CPU usage.
Comparative File Transfer: Data Safe only updates the files that need to be updated by intelligently comparing the source files and the files already backed up, increasing backup speed exponentially upon subsequent transfers. This means that each time it updates it only needs to transfer a fraction of the total backup size to fully update your backup. It can either keep previous iterations of the file or overwrite the file with the newest version.
Very Fast: Can process up to 20,000 files a minute*.

*Tested on a 7200 rpm, Sata III Hard Disk Drive. Backing up across a network or USB may be slower. Solid State Drives however will run even faster.

Small and Lightweight

Lightweight software: Only 1.09mb in size, yet still has all the functionality one expects and more.
Doesn’t require vast amounts of memory (typically no more than 30mb needed) even for large transfers as Data Safe only processes one file at a time.
Doesn’t require much CPU power even during large backup transfers.

More Features

Fully feature set for backing up to network locations.
Compatible with Microsoft’s OneDrive (requires the desktop version which integrates with windows Explorer)
Automatic, Free Space check.
Free Automatic Updates.



Version: 1.15

Safe and Trustworthy. Click here for test results.

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