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If you own vintage synths, this is the interface for you.

Unlike other alternatives, our hardware is a fully fledged interface for controlling all your synthesizers whether it be over Voltage Outputs or MIDI.



  • Anodised CNC aluminium enclosure with laser etched features. For hard-wearing elegance.
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the UK.
  • USB, DIN Ports, and 4 Universal CV Outputs along with a hardware Control Dial.


  • 4 Universal CV Outputs. Capable of routing from any MIDI parameter (Gate, Pitch, Velocity, Aftertouch, #CC) on any channel to any output. Sources include USB and DIN.
  • MIDI – USB Pass Through. Enables a low latency MIDI to USB converter straight out the box, with no setup required. Compatible with SYSEX transfer, and able to work independently of the CV outputs.
  • Multi-Synth Control. Daisy Chain Interfaces via DIN, or use our upcoming eurorack Expander Modules to create unlimited control voltage outputs.
  • Linked Mode. Control multiple synths from one keyboard in a split configuration.
  • Intelli-Glide. Gives you more musical control over portamento using articulation.
  • Tight Timing. Injects less than 40μs of jitter* and < 1.5ms of latency (< 3ms latency when all CV Outputs are  simultaneously used with Daisy Chained MIDI).


  • -9V to +10V Output Range. Works with the vast majority of synthesizers.
  • Versatile Configuration. Easily configure custom MIDI and Voltage ranges, negative/positive gates, V/Oct & Hz/V selection, pitch bend and portamento.
  • Enhanced Scaling Accuracy. Achieved with Multipoint Mapping + Realtime Floating Point Conversion. Our scaling technology is able to account for synths that are out of tune, badly scaled, and even synths that have non-linearities on their V/Oct range. Due to the versatility of this technology, users can also create artistic drift on otherwise perfectly tuned synthesizers.
  • Microtonality. Map any range of MIDI notes across a custom voltage range to create any V/Oct or V/Hz standard. e.g 0.74V / 2.5 Oct. A Non-Equal Temperament Editor will be added to the Control Software soon to make editing easier and more powerful.
  • Extra Pitch Stability. Ensured by our layered decoupling topology and advanced power regulation circuits, which preserve your tuning no matter the USB host.


  • MIDI Dashboard.
    • Completely compatible with the CV Outputs and any MIDI Destinations.
    • Easy Split Keyboard across MIDI channels.
    • Independent multi-mode LFOs, and a BPM-Locked arpeggiator.
    • Clock to CC conversion, and virtual clock outputs.
    • MPE Compatible; works with your Seaboard Rise or Block over MIDI and CV Outs.
    • Polyphonic MIDI Mode separates each voice to independent MIDI channels. Supports up to 8 voice polyphony over the CV Outputs when 4 Interfaces/Expander Modules are daisy chained.
    • Input sources can be from our interface via DIN or USB MIDI Controllers.
  • Fast Setup. Our software control for Mac OS and Windows ensures any complexity of setup is made as easy as possible through our visual UI and automatic tools helping you to reach your desired configuration faster.
  • We’ve worked hard on our software to be as robust and seamless as possible. The interface is not dependent on the software to function (except when using the MIDI Dashboard). You can close the software as soon as it is configured or open it again when you want to make changes; the interface will automatically connect.
  • No worries about drivers. The interface will use drivers already included in your operating system.


  • Instant, automatic EPROM saving and loading. Ensures your desired configuration is preserved when the interface is unplugged. Simply unplug the interface and your configuration will have already saved to your device, and will load into the software upon re-connection to power.
  • Unlimited Presets. Save your configuration to your computer as a preset, and load whenever you want.
  • No Computer Required during performance. Use your interface independently from a computer when routing from DIN sockets. After configuring, just power the interface from a USB power pack or adapter and it will automatically load your previously configured settings.


  • USB powered. For optimal portability and safety.
  • Automatic fault detection. An automatic power shutoff along with a notification in the Control Software protects your synth and the interface. This activates upon an increased current draw scenario, such as a short in your synth’s CV inputs.

*DAWs and different Computer systems can cause more jitter in the MIDI Signal, along with audio interfaces producing jitter on the resulting digital audio as well. An example use case scenario, showed a maximum of 2ms total jitter every couple of minutes using a Mac Mini, FL Studio, a Roland D50 / Korg Mono/Poly, and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen. This still works out to an average jitter deviation of <1ms. Lab tests show our interface accounts to less than 40μs of this total. Very tight, even when using a modest home studio setup!

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