Help! My Vintage synthesizer won’t retain its tuning (no matter how much I spend on professional servicing and calibration)!

As lovers of vintage analog synthesizers, we all know what it can be like to try and record our synths onto our compositions, or use them live with our bands, but we are let down by the tuning being all too unreliable or sometimes unusable. Even after the sheer amount of money we can spend on servicing and calibration, some of our most treasured synths have developed their own quirks, drifts and idiosyncrasies, some of which are beautifully characterful and desirable, and others which make it downright impossible to use them.

Old synths often develop non-linearities on their V/Oct (volt per octave) ranges meaning that even if you have them professionally calibrated, you will still find tuning drifts across certain notes or octaves that can really stand out as ear-sores in mixes or performances. Short of swapping out original components and retrofitting our cherished old sound machines there was nothing we could do to achieve perfect pitch, whilst retaining all that beautiful analog purity…..until now.

Introducing The TA Programming MIDI & CV Interface.
With multipoint mapping and realtime floating point conversion, this interface allows you to control pitch/gate/filter and any modulation on your CV equipped analog synths with pitch perfect voltages.
Our multipoint mapping utility allows you to specifically isolate and retune any non-linearities on your synth’s V/Oct range, and preserve your synths new tuning with advanced power regulation circuitry to ensure you’re never caught out recording that all important part or performing live on The Pyramid Stage, no matter your USB-power host.