True Additive Synthesis.

Ultimate sound design potential in an easy to understand interface.

This is the synthesizer that every producer and composer must have.

  • A host of features that allow for precise flexibility for the user.
  • Dual 50-partial Oscillators with Harmonic Preservation Algorithms.
  • 10x partial multiplier with Detune, Phase, and Stereo Spread controls.
  • Polyphonic independent oscillators enabling the user to control several timbres at once; e.g. A pad sustained with a lead played at the same time.
  • Intricate Multi-linked Subtractive controls.
  • A powerful amplifier section with distortion and tone controls.
  • 64-voice Polyphony/Portamento.
  • Pre-modulation waveform previews for each oscillator bank.
  • 100 Presets included.

With this host of features, incredibly deep but powerful Basses can be produced, alongside the most breathtaking Pads, the Plucks that add flare and the Leads that you need to cut through the mix!

Utilises a True Additive Synthesis Engine:

Unlike many other synthesizers claiming to use additive synthesis but actually cheat by creating wavetables, this is the real deal: Each OSC makes use of a bank of 50 individual sinusoidal oscillators with each mathematically tuned to produce the harmonic series precisely.

Download Samurai for Windows VST 32bit (will be bridged in most 64bit DAW’s)


Version: 1.0